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Products - Cling film

UICP cling film is the best when it comes to preserving freshness. Its high oxygen and water vapour transmission makes UICP film the perfect choice for preserving meat. Extreme care has been taken to meet European quality standards, ensuring the constituents of the film do not migrate into the food.

Our standard production includes:
  • Length from 500 mtr to 1500 mtr per roll for catering companies, airlines, and supermarkets.
  • Length from 2000 mtr to 3000 mtr per roll for rewinding / converting companies.
  • Width from 25 cm to 60 cm.
  • Thickness from 9 microns to 30 microns.
Emirates National Factory for Plastic Industries Group (ENPI) was founded in 1995 with the original aim of promoting a profitable and sustainable business as a manufacturer and printer of plastic items. Over the course of 15 years ENPI went through a radical diversification strategy to become the group
United International Clear Packaging (UICP), a division of ENPI Group was the first manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates and GCC to produce cling film under the brand name ‘Future Wrap. UICP supplies cling film to the food industry across multiple sectors including food chains, catering